True North Auctions is a free online auction platform that brings buyers and sellers in the same community together. The emphasis is on local transactions which helps protect both parties. While a buyer is free to purchase an item listed in another part of the country, it is not recommended.

Our auction site has numerous features and benefits that members enjoy, such as:

Member to member feedback. You can leave a review of the experience you had with the other party on their profile, be it good or bad, and all members will be able to see it. This discourages parties from not meeting their obligations and responsibilities as buyers and sellers. Bailouts and no shows will be rare occurrences.

Seller’s Reserve Price: Helps you get the price you want for you item. If bidding doesn’t reach your reserve price, nobody wins and you can re-post the item if you wish

Maximum Bid or Proxy Bidding: If you won’t be online near an auction;s end, the system will bid for you up to the amount that you set as your maximum bid. It will bid in $1 increments each time your are outbid.

View Counter: You will know how many people have looked at your item.

List of Bids: This eliminates any confusion as to who the bidders are and shows who the eventual winner is.

Countdown Timer: There is no confusion as to when the auction ends.

Buy Now: This feature serves as a classified ad with a set price. You can set it up to accept offers and you may counter offer or reject an offer.

Easy Re-list: A few clicks of the mouse and you are done.

Google Map: Shows where the pick up location will be for easy reference.

Advanced Search Engine and Categories: Both make finding items easier.

Closed Auctions: These are kept separate. They are not mixed in with current open auctions, so you don’t waste time when searching for something.

Internal Mail System: Makes communicating with other members easy.

Internal Chat Box/Room:  Chat and socialize with other members in real time.

Support Ticket System: An organized system for asking for help means your message to Admin gets through and will be addressed in a timely manner

Facebook Group: Members can also get support from other group members or simply hangout with them.

Auction Newsletter: Another way to keep up to date on news and items.

True North Auctions is a certified secure website utilizing SSL encryption (secure Socket Layer). It also has Facebook connection capabilities which augments our own security. You may login using this connection feature with one easy click.

Members must use photos of themselves as their avatar. They must also use their real name. Failure to do so will result in account deletion.

Buying and selling here can be an enjoyable experience if one follows the rules and treats other members with respect. This is also a community where one can make new friends and have some fun.

Happy bidding and selling!

True North Auctions Management