Does it cost anything to be a member or to list items or business services?
There are no listing or membership fees. This site is FREE to use.

Do I have to add my real first and last name to my profile?
Yes. Auctions without a real first and last name will be deleted. Since we have a member to member feedback system, it is nice to know who is getting positive and negative reviews. The system reduces the number of no shows drastically.

What is a Reserve Price?
This option is for sellers.  Suppose you would like to get $20 for your item. You can set that as the reserve price and put the opening price much lower. Bidders cannot see your reserve price. All they see is Reserve Not Met. If bidding does not reach your reserve price, nobody wins. Thus, you won’t be giving your item away for less than you want. You can then relist the item.

What is a Maximum Bid?
This option is for buyers and is a proxy bid made by the system on your behalf.   Suppose you see an auction with an item you want. You can enter the most you are willing to pay for the item and that is your maximum bid. The system will automatically bid on your behalf each time you are outbid. For example, an item has a starting bid of $1 and you enter $20. Then someone bids $2. They system will raise yours to be ahead by $1 until the price reaches $20. If you are outbid again at that point, you will need to bid manually. You could set an even higher maximum bid. However, a benefit of the Maximum Bid feature is that it helps prevent you from catching auction fever and spending more than you originally planned,

What is Buy Now?
Instead of a regular auction, you can list an item with an asking price. Another member can click the Buy Now button and pay that price. If you have multiples of the item, you can display how many you have available at that price. You can also set the auction so that bidders can make offers, which you can accept, reject or counter offer. These settings can help you sell your item easily and quickly. The auction has no expiry. It can stay up until the item is sold.

Is there a way to tell how many people have visited my auction?
Yes. There is an counter on your auction which shows how many people have viewed it.  A low count could be an indication that you need a different title and/or write a more compelling description.

As a seller, am I able to edit or delete my auction?
Yes, as long as there is no bid. Once there is a bid, the system removes the ability to delete an active auction.

What is the Private Bid option for?
This was built into the software and it cloaks the identity of the bidders, keeping them anonymous. Please ignore this feature. Auctions need to have names of the members who are bidding.

How do I re-list an auction?
If your item does not sell and you want to re-list it, simply click on the re-list button and then click yes or no to confirm. You will have the option of editing your auction, as well.

How long can I run an auction for?
You may post your auction for 1 day up to 30 days, depending on what you are selling and how much you are trying to get for it. This flexibility helps maximize your return.

How can one tell when an auction is schedule to end?
There is a countdown timer on each auction in days, hours, minutes and seconds. There is no mistaking how much time is left in the auction to bid on an item, or when an auction has ended.

Is there a list of members’ bids on an auction?
Yes, all bids and the winning bids are displayed in a table on the auction page.

Will I receive email notifications of an auction’s status?
Yes, as a seller or buyer you receive notifications regarding activity on your auction.

Can I sell a full lot of items on one auction?
Yes, you are not restricted to listing a single item in an auction. When you sell a lot, each item must be visible in the photo and you must provide a description of each item.

What kind of communication systems does this site have?
There is a ticketed support system,which can be accessed by clicking the green button at the bottom left of your screen. There is a chat box on the bottom right of your screen which lets you chat to other members in real time. You will find an internal email system. There is a comments section in your auction. We also have a Facebook group and an auction newsletter.

Why is there a field to put a Paypal email address in the profile?
It was intended for the site to buy back unused listing credits from members, but since the site is free, you can ignore it.

When setting up an auction, what do I put in the Address field?
Put the nearest cross streets to your location, or the public place where you would want to meet the buyer. You can send your address to a buyer via the internal mail if you want them to pick the item up at your place.

Can service businesses list here?
Yes, and since theoretically such businesses have an unlimited supply, they can list the same service more than once, as long as this privilege is not abused.

There is a checkbox for shipping when setting up an auction. Why is that?
We advise that you keep transactions local for safety. However, members are free to buy from wherever they wish. If they do, they assume all responsibility for things that could possibly go wrong with the transaction.

Do I need to be a member of Facebook to use this auction site?
Yes, and your account must be at least 1 year old. This helps keep the scammers away. They like to create fake accounts. By having this safety precaution in place, members will have a more enjoyable experience.

Should I register with Facebook or use the form?
If you register using the form, you will receive a welcome email with your user name and a password generated by the software. You would be required to log in using the Facebook connection. Facebook will copy your Facebook user name, your email address and profile picture. You password is not copied. You need to be logged into Facebook in order to log into True North Auctions with the Facebook Connect.

What is a feature auction?
They are the ones in the slide show on the home page. It would cost extra listing credits to have an auction display there, but again, the site is free so you can choose to use this feature or not.

What are tags?
These are extra keywords you can insert for our site search engine.

Is my information secure?
Yes. The site uses SSL encryption. You can see https in your browser and not just http. In the bottom left of the page you will see a green logo. Hover over it and a small window opens showing that this site is safety certified.

How does the member feedback system work?
You can leave a review of how the transaction went with the other member. Give praise or credit where it is due. The system helps ensure that people will follow through on their deals because nobody wants negative feedback on their profile for other members to see.

If I win a cell phone, what can I do to be sure the phone isn’t stolen?
Ask the seller to meet at a cell phone store where they will run a check on the phone for you.

If I win a gift card, what can I do to be sure that the value that I won is on the card?
Have the seller meet you at the establishment that issued the gift card and they will verify the amount on the card.

What happens if the item I go to pick up is not as described in the auction?
You will not have to buy it. This must be based on facts and not your personal opinion.

If I buy something that needs to be plugged in and I meet the seller somewhere without a power outlet but when I get the item home, it doesn’t work, what happens then?
The seller must refund your money. You need to notify the seller within 48 hours. If the seller ignores you, simply leave negative feedback on their profile for others to see. If the seller doesn’t want you picking up the item at their place, meet at the library and test the item at one of their laptop station outlets, as long as it isn’t something that is noisy.

What is the link for True North Auctions’s Facebook group?